There is nothing like a radiant skin to feel better and look younger immediately. Only specific, well-chosen ingredients can bring that instant glow right at application to catch the light and smooth imperfections.

After years of experience in fragrance and beauty, I’ve learned exactly what works—expertly formulated products ensure the long term health and radiance of your skin with regular use.

These beauty must-haves harness the power of plants, are all vegan, clean and very gentle for your skin and for our environment. Immediate glow upon application. Healthy, well-nurtured skin for the long run.


Do you ever want to keep the gorgeous glow you get on vacation? The Sunshine Face Oil is designed to do exactly that.

The Sunshine Face Oil is a very versatile and potent product that enhances the skin’s natural luminosity, and activates its resilience.

The skin adores its exceptional organic and natural oils. Organic Argan Oil, Moringa Oil, Vitis Oil derived from grapes all work together to boost the youth and the elasticity of the skin. Fermented Shinko Oil adds instant radiance and colors the formula a gorgeous pink color.

Cocktail a few drops of Sunshine Face Oil with your foundation or your daily cream for hydration, luminosity, and glow to the skin. Or, add a couple of drops in your fingertips, and gently press onto your cheeks, forehead and chin for a glowing, multidimensional look.

No paraben, no silicone, no chemical sunscreen, no talc, no gluten. Vegan.


Ultra-reflective golden pearls are suspended in a glossy, transparent, and creamy texture, that can be built to your liking from the most evanescent to the most dramatic effect. The texture melts upon application, infused with a light vegetable emollient that makes the skin softer, hydrated and visibly luminous, without ever feeling heavy.

Only soft gold dust stays on, for an aura of pure magic. Thanks to its transparent base, the Goldie works on every skin type.

Watch this video on how I apply it!
No Paraben, No Talc, No Chemical Sunscreen, No Gluten, Vegan


Let’s not forget about our body, too often forgotten. Our amazing body cream formula is fast-applied, fast-absorbed, and incredibly moisturizing with hydrating properties lasting up to 8 hours. Give your skin an immediate glow and a long lasting sensation of comfort.

Enriched with rose water, La Creme delights your senses and scents your skin with Eau du Jour or Eau de la Nuit. Wear any signature fragrance on top of it! Enjoy the glow, and let us know what you think with a review.