Eau du Jour
A new year comes with hopes, resolutions, plans, and long lists of new things to try, learn, experience and love. Even when life gets in the way, January always feels like a new start fueled by renewed energy and a positive outlook on what’s ahead.

My booster fragrance Eau du Jour is the perfect signature for a month that’s made for goodwill. The unique blend of in-season citrus lends this scent its unabatable energy and vitality. You will feel the optimism around you as you wear it. Softwoods prolong the feeling all day long. Why do we call it a booster? Besides its powerful capacity to give a boost to any mood, Eau du Jour layers perfectly with any of my other fragrances to help you build your very own signature scent. A spray of Eau du Jour adds joy and sunshine to bare and perfumed skin alike.
The high concentration of ethically-sourced natural ingredients in my perfumes gorgeously bloom on every skin, evolving all day long into a unique, long-lasting and recognizable signature.

Whether you feel optimistic about the year ahead, or are in need of a vitality boost to see you through the rest of the winter, Eau du Jour is for you! Try it in our convenient 10ml spray format or commit to months of sunshine with our golden 85ml bottle.

Sunshine, always.