International Women's day


Dear Friends,

I have a theory.

Women learn to live their lives in cycles. It starts with cycles of 1 month, 9 months, and so on. It’s our nature to understand the value of time, and to understand the power of nature.

Whether or not we choose or would like to give life, women have the capacity to do so. It makes a huge difference in the way we see life.

This might be why I wanted to honor nature in my products, as they are all inspired by nature’s seasons and cycles, built around earth’s most precious creations, following the rhythm of its harvests and making an effort to protect our home.

I create products to nurture your nature. To encourage self-expression. To keep you in the moment. To soak you in the sun’s warm light.

I want you to showcase your personality with my versatile booster fragrances, to shine throughout the day with my beauty must-haves. Everything I create harnesses the bounty of nature, nourishing your skin’s healthy glow.

I want to help you find in yourselves the bit of sunshine we all possess within. We create this light for ourselves. We should be able to decide when, where, and how we share this light with the world.

So, I raise my glass—in my eyes, always half full or more—and my perfume bottles to you all, my beautiful sisters, to love and to life!

Sunshine for the senses and for the soul.