Love From Véronique Gabai

Dear friends,

What strange times...Who could have imagined this 3 months ago?

After the initial shock has passed, we're accepting that social distancing is the only way we can live now, so we can continue to enjoy our lives in the future. That being said, distancing from others doesn't mean the heart doesn't stay close.

We all need to feel warmth, solidarity, and generosity, even if shown in new ways. FaceTime, Zoom, and call your loved ones and friends!

We will spend more time at home, with loved ones and ourselves. When we have adjusted to these new circumstances, we might even rediscover the joy of being together with those we love the most: speaking at the dinner table, playing games that teach us to fully be in the moment. No fear of missing out...

In some parts of Italy—though the country is going through really tough times—at 6pm neighbors open their windows and whatever talent they have, they share. They sing opera or play the piano…What an amazing ray of sunshine in these dark times.

I've received messages from friends from all over the world.

In China, my friends are telling me they have seen the sky turn back to blue for the first time in years. In Venice, the waters are now so clear, they can see the fish swimming in it. In France, they are telling me that they are hearing for the first time birds every morning and seeing wild life they had forgotten existed.

Could it be that Nature decided to put us on a pause button just for her to recuperate? To make us realize what it could all be if we were not continuing the insane race we were on? The toll is high; the lesson is harsh.

I mourn the loss of lives and I feel the pain of those who lost a loved one to that horror, I am terrified at the idea that my husband could be infected as he is older than I am…(Not in spirit but in years) Yet I feel Mother Earth is asking us to understand we can do better.

My brand is young, but it was built on principles of humanism, hedonism, and respect of the nature that inspires every aspect of my products. More details to come! Please stay tuned.

For now, the urgent thing is to help those in need. We will donate to a relief fund and 7% of our sales will go to Direct Relief.
Direct Relief is coordinating with public health authorities, nonprofit organizations and businesses in the U.S. and globally to provide personal protective equipment and essential medical items to health workers responding to coronavirus (COVID-19).

Why seven? Because seven is the number of wisdom.

Let me also share with you what my small talent is: the compositions of beautiful natural materials singing in my scents. They are coming right from the Earth. We source them ethically and responsibly, and while they will not solve the issues we are facing now, they will uplift your mood and give you a little boost of energy. Let your mind travel through fragrance to new, exotic places.

From now on, shipping on any order is free. We're also extending our Friends and Family discount to all of you for the next seven weeks, because in these moments, we are all part of the same family.

Use the code FRIENDS at checkout. Enjoy this little gift to yourself and to those in need.

On that note, here's a view and the sound of waves. Let's take a moment to soothe our souls.