All my jewelry is handmade by master jewelers and crafted in precious metals with the utmost care. We use the best sterling silver and the highest grade of 18K gold to plate our silver. The mesh design has to be done and polished by hand - there is no other way to achieve it - making each piece unique, each slightly different from the others because of the human interaction they require.

The pendant seems impossible to open, looking like one intriguing, never-seen-before piece. It opens in an upwards gesture of the thumb, as if you were striking an old lighter. I never was a smoker but I always liked the sexy gesture of using a precious lighter…

I imagined this piece as I was travelling extensively and wanted to keep my favorite fragrance close to me at all times. Finding myself on every corner of the world was exhilarating, but at times all I wanted was the re-assuring comfort of my signature scent, that would anchor me back to the ground. Carrying a full bottle was not an option! I also had a passion for beautifully designed jewelry and thought it was time to bring back to life what our ancestors used to carry in the past: little bottles of perfume hanging on a chain…only this time, we would need to make sure it was agreeing with modern life and the way we use fragrance, a spray gesture we have come accustomed to.

I designed this piece one night, unable to stop drawing and thinking of the best way to make a fabulous statement with a piece that would last a very long time and hide access to a mini spray, perfect for the stylish nomad.

Little did I know that travels would stop for an extensive period of time! Yet, I see myself continuing to wear my pendant every day, simply because I continue to need the re-assuring comfort of my scent when the days are chaotic and unsettling. It has become my talisman and I hope it is bringing you the same feeling.

Like all fine jewelry, this piece is valuable, precious, and clearly an investment. Its impact is worth it, as you will surely make an entrance! As you take that step and treat yourself or a loved one to this exceptional gift, you will be part of our very exclusive list of friends and will enjoy all our care, and all our support, as well as many treats, including your first set of perfume refills - on us*!

Sunshine for the senses and for the soul!