We know how difficult it is to find your signature scent. So many choices, so many recommendations, so many moods and situations, so little time.

We’re here to help!

A perfume is personal, it speaks of who you truly are, what you love, emotions you feel. Your senses are a part of you, and surprise….they tend to share some mysterious connections to your heart.  Music you seek out, foods you naturally turn to, colors that make you happy, and of course scents that move your soul and make you feel wholesome….all these attractions and sensations lead to depict an intimate portrait of your personality.

We’ve created a short questionnaire using scientific knowledge of correspondence of the senses to help guide you in your quest for a perfume that will truly fit who you are. A quick 6-question test will define a dominant trait of your sensorial personality - nature loving and casual, sophisticated and cultured, or glamourous and seductive - and result in an immediate selection of 4 scents that fit your profile. Try all 4 with a bundle of samples or set your heart on one of them - your choice! We’re only here to shine a light and guide you to your signature scent…

Sunshine, always.