Point G

An homage to desire,
and to pleasure.

Attraction knows no reason. Chemistry is one of the most amazing human mysteries. Scent follows that same exact path. You either love it or not. There is no right or wrong.

The sense of smell is rooted in the part of the brain that controls instinct and emotions. We pick our perfume intuitively. We love it passionately or we don’t.

The best perfumes are the ones that marry with your skin in a unique way, giving birth to the perfect combination, the perfect chemistry. One you cannot get enough of. The more naturals they contain, the more they will evolve on your skin in the most magical manner. 

Discover my new perfume, one built in homage to desire, and to pleasure. One you cannot explain, but will fully experience. Close your eyes, breathe it in, and feel it bloom on your skin, with you, for you. Feel the pulse, the vibration, the crescendo, until you can exhale.

Le Point G, the G Spot. A vertigo for the senses. A climactic new perfume.

Sunshine, always.