Sur la Plage

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Aroma: Heart, Body & Soul

Veronique Gabai Perfume sur la plage bottle
Those of us close to a beach…what a relief, what a joy, even with necessary social distancing.
For everyone, though, there is a way to reconnect with that unique sensation… Sur la Plage (“On The Beach”) is a vacation in a bottle. It captures the balmy and salty air coming from the ocean, the warmth and the glow of sun on skin, the soft floral notes of flowers growing on bushes nearby.
Sur la Plage puts you in the same sensual mood you get on the beach. A feeling of health and sensuality. Divine alone, sinful with a lover.
We love hearing from many of you and the press…Sur la Plage has become an instant favorite!
Beyond the long-lasting, glorious scent it delivers on anyone, Sur La Plage offers the promise of taking care of our beloved Nature. We use green chemistry and biodegradable ingredients, sourced sustainably and ethically.
In Sur la Plage, you’ll escape far from the cities we live in, smelling the gorgeous and all natural Tuberose and Jasmine from India, Pink Pepper of Mauritius, Orange Blossom of Morocco, Bergamot from Italy and Cedar Wood of Virginia.
Try Sur la Plage alone or play with the boosters. Eau du Jour emphasizes its brightness (I personally love it!)
 Eau de la Nuit will add a touch of dark mystery…Bain de Minuit anyone?
Enjoy, sample, dive in, send to a friend—and let us know how you like it !