The Story of the Rose de Mai...

There is a very special rose that grows only in Grasse and blooms only in May.
In French, we call the color pink “rose,” certainly because it shares the color of this precious Rose de Mai.
About Rose de Mai

Rose de Mai comes in that perfect shade of pink, not too pale, as if to say “I exist! I am here. I am not to be overlooked.” It has the perfect size, its blooms fit right in the hand of a woman, as if it was made just for her.
The petals are full, soft and velvety, delicate to the touch. They open enough to let bees nestle there in pure comfort. We call this Rose Centifolia, as it seems to possess 100 petals.

Her Intoxicating, Multi-Faceting Scent

Yet Rose de Mai’s scent makes her famous among all roses. Her scent contains every aspect of the land she comes from, as if she was the messenger of the Earth.

As you approach the flower you will smell the perfect floral note—powerful, suave, delicate yet deep, almost hypnotic. Beyond the floral core, there is a green dewy facet to it. The dryness of wood, the sweetness of honey, the purity of air, the gentle sun, the drops of spring rain...Nature encapsulated.

Each time I smell a rose on the field, I discover a different proportion of all these notes, as if each rose is unique. The Rose Centifolia oil issued from the roses’ harvest takes me on a journey in a magical garden filled with wonder, beauty and peace…

The May Harvest

The harvest of the roses happens each May, when the roses are in bloom and ready to share their beauty with the world. We must pick the blooms at dawn, before the sun dulls the scent and bruises the petals.

The blooms are rushed to the center of extraction within the hour to protect the precious bounty, and delicately delivered. From the harvest, we get:

• An essence (the result of distillation through steam)
• An absolute (the result of extraction via a solvent)

These techniques deliver a raw material of the precious scent. The essence is slightly more delicate, the absolute more sensual…

Rosewater is a byproduct of distillation, captured in the water left behind. It possesses generous benefits in skincare, which is why I enriched my body lotions with rosewater.



Noire de Mai: The Perfume

When I created my fragrance Noire de Mai, I wanted to capture the essence of the Rose de Mai, but with unexpected passion, rebellion, freedom. A touch of mystery to contrast the tenderness. The goal was sensuality, enveloping and rebellious, profound and subtle, almost sinful, feminine and masculine at once, as if a darker side was necessary to reveal the light within. The name itself is a play on words: Noire de Mai, the dark of the Rose de Mai—playing into a hidden, almost forbidden side of the flower. Only your skin can reveal its full personality. Each rendition of Noire de Mai’s is unique, just as each rose is, and just as we all are.

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