Vert Désir


 Who would think of mint as purely magical? We are so used to its leaves, sprinkling it on our fruits and salads, decorating our dishes and adorning our drinks with it. We too often take it for granted, not paying real attention to it. We are wrong!
I personally love to make bouquets of roses and mint and bring the garden inside. Mint has this deliciously fragrant smell that makes us feel like summer. Summer is its season, when it is harvested right here in America.

Mint has an absolutely unique smell and combining its fresh and aromatic note with flowers and woods is simply delicious. As we delight in smelling it, we also take its power in. Mint has the capacity to cool our temper, help us collect our emotions, bring us back to a state of harmony. It centers and aligns us.

I wanted to work with mint and give it its hour in the sun with a never-smelled-before marriage of extremes. Vert Desir is an ode to nature and mint is its hero ingredient. Vert Desir is like walking in a sumptuous green garden of fresh flowers and herbs, surrounded by a dense forest. It feels like crushing leaves between fingers and inhaling all the power of nature. It is enhanced by notes of dark woods and vetiver that linger on the skin lending incredible sex appeal and prolonging the feeling of being one with the Earth.

Sunshine always,