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I have been working and developing fragrances and beauty products all of my adult life. Perfume was always my passion, from a very young age. I was lucky enough to merge my career with it.

I have always been in awe of the endless beauty of nature in the Côte d’Azur where I was born. I had a curiosity for cultures around the world, an inspiration drawn from art and creativity, a craft mastered by constant practice…and the immense gratitude to collaborate with people of talent, substance and soul…perfumers, artists, designers, and more…

 Today, all these interests and passions are combined in the launch of my brand. 

Nature, Culture, and a touch of Glamour to add beauty to everyday life… the kind of beauty that enchants the senses, and lifts up the soul…

Sunshine for the senses and for the soul.

The Brand offers an Immersive experience of scents, textures, sounds, visual intensity and more…

It has the desire to craft outstanding products standing up to the test of time…

It has a commitment to care for people, whoever they are, our clients, our team members and within the communities we live in.

As the journey begins, we will explore the South of France together, hidden places or spots in plain view, restaurants, boutiques, beaches, art and culture…

As we launch our products, I will share with you how they are imagined, crafted, and made, and the passionate expertise needed to make it all happen.

As you discover the perfumes, we will also get familiar with the beautiful ingredients harvested for them, in the Côte d’Azur and elsewhere, the impeccable timing of nature, the science required to enhance it…and the extraordinary talent of perfumers who master it all for our pleasure. And as you browse the collection, make sure to explore our handcrafted jewelry pieces. Let us know what you think at info@veroniquegabai.com

Tips and fun facts will be added to the conversation…and you are all invited to participate! Join our Loyalty program today.

Pur Projet Veronique Gabai

There is another project, I will share with you in time, and this is one very dear to my heart, as it comes from my father who has passed too early… He left behind for my sisters and me, a beautiful land in the South of France, one we will protect and where at some point we will be able to grow flowers and plants dedicated to perfumery and well being, organically and sustainably…

And in the meantime, we will also replant trees in Provence through a collaboration with an incredible organization called PUR Project.

Nature is important to me. We take our inspiration from it, we work with natural ingredients sourced with care in the South of France and the most beautiful parts of the world. We will do all we can to protect it. 

We have paid attention to our processes. Our bottles are beautiful objects, designed to give aesthetic pleasure and are meant to be kept a long time. So they are reusable and refillable. Our refill bottles are recyclable. Our plastic bottles are also recyclable.

All our cosmetics products are created with a lot of emphasis on what is right for the skin, and leave out what is not necessary. All are vegan.  

As we go, and as we grow, we will take every possible step to do even better.  

We cannot wait to meet you all, and share the brand with you… Register now to stay up to date!

We will make all efforts for you to enjoy it.


Veronique Gabai 


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