Set of 6 x 1.5ml perfume vials

The Fragrance Discovery Set - FOR HER


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We know it takes time to choose a fragrance
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Veronique’s Addictions
I love them all, I wear them all… here are the ones I cannot live without.

Vert Désir, healthy and sexy.
Lumière d’Iris, chic and beautiful.
Noire de Mai, sensual and mysterious.
Sexy Garrigue, unique and intriguing.
And of course, the boosters, Eau du Jour and Eau de la Nuit, to play and personalize the fragrances, should you want it.
I personally love to mix Noire de Mai and Eau de la Nuit, as the promising night falls…
Tell us your own favorite combination at

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Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Great quality fragrances

Veronique Gabai said her fragrances are inspired by Cote d’Azure culture; between the hedonism of the Mediterranean and her childhood at the French Rivera.
As I think of the French Rivera first thing that pops to my mind is summer. Beach, trees, hot weather. But for some reason Eau de la Nuit feels as an eerie autumn, when the holiday summer season slow down and the streets slowly back to normal. As the temperature decreases welcoming the new season, the air still warm and very enjoyable still. Eau de la Nuit is that, a pleasant walk through a warm path at the Rivera with your favorite person by your side. Eau de la Nuit is a very soft musk, is an intimate warm fragrance. It is soft, feminine and elegant, but at the same time is deep, intoxicated with a really long lasting power.

Noir de Mai is another successfully beautiful scent to me from the Veronique’s house. The rose is undeniable, but is gentle, feminine and really subtle. Noir de Mai is very elegant, slightly creamy and I believe the sea aquatic notes made this fragrance excellent for a summer night out.
Noir de Mai is effortless, is a perfect fragrance for a wealthy woman.

Eau du jour is blast of freshness all over you. This one is a really high quality of citruses. The opening is stunning, luminous, uplifting. Eau du Jour is bright and contains a contagious happiness.
I don’t wear many citrus fragrances but this one might be the exception. The contrast created between citruses and wood is remarkable brilliant.
Eau de Jour will last the entire day.

If Eau du jour is a blast of freshness all over you., Vert Desir is a blast of mint at first spray. The mint here I so inviting as all other fragrances of the house I’ve tested. I am overly impress with the quality used in these fragrances and also with what Veronique Gabai creations, they are all different and all beautiful.
Now, as the mint dissipates a soapy clean scent overcome and stays.
To me Vert Desir is a cleanest after shower fragrance.
It really last long and even is pretty linear after the opening is a fantastic summer, fresh and clean scent.

Sexy Garrigue
This one did not make it for me. Beautiful as the rest of the house fragrances, well blended with a great performance but is something in it that doesn’t get well with my nose.
I don’t know what it is, may be an overdose of labdanum…..with an extreme sweet patchouli?! ….who knows, but is not for me. It is very resinous….and clogging

Prompt Service

My order arrived right away. It was exactly what I ordered with the exception of one bottle that was probably not available or out of stock. Maybe it was Le Point G. Maybe not. Don't quote me on that one.

Discovery Set

I am so excited to try this awesome discovery set sample pack filled with several alluring lovely scents. My favorite scent was Noire de Mai which is very feminine, lightly scented, and no irritation. I loved that it was not overpowering, just right for day or night with nice undertones. Also, the vials are well filled, spray easily for maximum usage, and great for sampling different scents.

I received a free sample of this product from SheSpeaks and this is my own opinion.

Candice Trinidad
Smells like Jasmine

Tried a sample pack of these and my favorite was the Jasmine, smelled very feminine. My husband thought it was quite sexy. It lasted a long time and wasn't too heavy. Felt like a high end brand and I thoroughly enjoyed it, will buy in the future.

Carmen F
Great scents

“I received a free sample of this product from SheSpeaks and this is my own opinion." I really enjoyed these bold scents it wasn’t overpowering at all a little goes a long way.