Veronique's Addictions - Set of 6 x 1.5ml perfume vials

The Fragrance Discovery Set - FOR HER


Special Launch Offer for the first 1000 customers - Redeemable on the purchase of a Perfume 85ml bought within a month
We know it takes time to choose a fragrance
1 - Buy a discovery set and save the promotional code we will send you by email
2 - Try all fragrances and pick the one you love
3 - Buy your favorite fragrance within a month, use the promotional code at check out: we will redeem the value set! 

Veronique’s Addictions
I love them all, I wear them all… here are the ones I cannot live without.
Vert Désir, healthy and sexy.
Lumière d’Iris, chic and beautiful.
Noire de Mai, sensual and mysterious.
Sexy Garrigue, unique and intriguing.
And of course, the boosters, Eau du Jour and Eau de la Nuit, to play and personalize the fragrances, should you want it.
I personally love to mix Noire de Mai and Eau de la Nuit, as the promising night falls…
Tell us your own favorite combination at

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

I had high expectations when I ordered this set. They were not met. The fragrances in the set cannot match my "love from the first whiff" - "Mimosa in the air", my first blind buy of Veronique Gabai. I use it every day and love all the stages of it. Perhaps there should be a complete discovery set or at least an option to make my own choices to sample other fragrances. I wish I could return the set.



I have had so many great comments on all the perfumes

Love them all

Loved it!

Truly beautiful fragrances. I was pleasantly surprised :)

Love the variety

I bought this discovery set after I heard her interviewed on the radio. This really is the perfect way to try many fragrances and then purchase larger sizes of the ones I like the most.

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