LA CREME - Eau du Jour
LA CREME - Eau du Jour
Veronique Gabai La creme lotion bottle
LA CREME - Eau du Jour
LA CREME - Eau du Jour

LA CREME - Eau du Jour

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“La Crème” is a magnificent lotion, fast applied, fast absorbed, incredibly moisturizing with hydrating properties lasting up to 8 hours…to give you a day long or a night long skin glow and sensation of comfort. Highly concentrated in fragrance and enriched with rose water, it is another way to scent your skin.

La Creme in Eau du Jour adds luminosity and energy to any scent. Drench your skin in moisture and wear any signature fragrance on top of it to create your true signature… The layering always works! For your convenience, La Creme comes with a pump.

Customer Reviews

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Szilvia Toth-Abonyi
So good:)

It has become one of the gems of my body lotion collections:) 10/10 I would also buy a full size parfume discounted price!

Parul Jajoo Mehrotra
Clean sexy lotion

I use it daily and LOVE it

Nick Nixon
Du Jour La Creme

This is my second bottle of the Du Jour La Creme and find that I can't live without it. It is a bit pricey but SO worth it. The citrus/ woody scent is beautiful... very uplifting and invigorating. When you apply, it literally fills the entire room! Nicely moisturizes and provides an amazing base scent for your fragrance of choice (especially the Veronique Gabai fragrances). I also have the De La Nuit scented La Creme... it too is excellent!


The product surpasses what I expected!
I find the scent vibrant, sexy and sophisticated. Moreover, La Creme nourishes my skin to perfection. I find it to be the perfect gift to .. myself or a dear friend .