Celebrate Summer with a stunning collaboration: Veronique Gabai x Ala Von Auersperg. 

The Daily Action of Life

Lliving and the actions one takes in order to navigate and thrive in the world.

VG x Ala Von Auersperg
Limited Edition

Veronique Gabai and Ala Von Auersperg take you you on a journey of sensory delight, where fragrance and fashion intertwine to evoke the spirit of sun-kissed serenity.

Sunshine for the senses and the soul

"There is a place in the world and in my heart, where I was born; a place of discovery, wonder and grace; a place made of hedonism and humanism; a place where the sun is like gold; a place of overload of sensations, colors and scents. My brand is like a home in the Côte d'Azur, wide open to welcome you in."

- Veronique Gabai

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Sur la Plage

“Veronique Gabai’s Sur la Plage offers beach vibe’s in a bottle. Immediately conjuring thoughts of sea, salt and sun, the orange-blossom-and-magnolia-heavy blend is a summery tonic.”

Carianne R.
Sexy Garrigue

“This scent is sensual and unique. I cannot get enough of it. It’s unlike anything I have and I absolutely love it.”

Veronique Gabai Collection

“All you need to do is mist yourself with one of Gabai’s scents and you’ll find yourself transported without ever needing to step on a plane.”

Glenda D.
Booster Eau de la Nuit

“This is so beautiful. I loved it right away, no questions asked. Woody, peppery, bright. I need to have this in my life, always.”

Veronique Gabai Collection

“Each fragrance is meant to give you an overload of sensations and let you escape.”

Rochelle T.
Le Point G

“It’s one of the most sensual fragrances I’ve ever tried. The scent transports me to a different world.”

Vert Désir

“Inspired by the Côte d’Azur, Veronique Gabai’s collection practically sparkles with clear, luminous notes. Our favorite? The minty, herbaceous Vert Désir.”

Mr D.
Oud Elixir

“A perfect dance of resins, rose and saffron. It is an olfactory bliss.”

Fragrance Jewelry

“The gilded bottles are objets d’art, but the delicate 18K gold or sterling silver perfume pendants make for an unforgettable gift.”