The story

We know perfumes make you smell good. What if they could make you feel even better? All my life I created perfumes using natural ingredients to connect people with the beauty of nature. During the pandemic, I felt compelled to go beyond, and use natural ingredients not only for their olfactory beauty but also for their benefits. So, I created with the help of our aromatherapy doctor and our master perfumer, a line of perfumes at the crossroads of perfumery and aromatherapy.


A transformative perfume collection that is good for you and good for the world. The Veronique Gabai AROMA Collection sits at the crossroads of perfumery and aromatherapy. It’s luxury perfume with measurable benefits—a major industry innovation, carving out a NEW category we call “perfume therapy.” The collection’s three exceptional blends were formulated with our aromatherapy doctor and finished with our master perfumer. The result is a fine fragrance with well-being in every drop. With its Mediterranean roots, Veronique Gabai AROMA is about well-being and positivity, a perfume experience that not only evokes emotion, but impacts emotions. We at Veronique Gabai are dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives through perfume therapy. You can too. Smell amazing; feel even better. 

Frank Voekl, Perfumer Firmenich; Elizabeth Carre, Perfume expert; Isabelle Sogno Lalloz, Aromatherapist.

Good for You

Our blends utilize the aromatherapy benefits from plants to boost your well-being. With HEART, we enhance positivity, and build creativity and confidence so your personality can shine through to the world. With BODY, we help you feel the sensual vibration of your own body, draw on your own strength, and reconnect with your true self to find balance. With SOUL, we aid in your ability to explore your spirituality, find inner peace, and infuse your soul with its infinite power. All of our formulas are natural, safe, clean, vegan and biodegradable. 

Good for the Planet

Veronique Gabai believes pleasure should never come at the expense of our planet. Our line is created, developed, processed, and packaged with a conscious effort towards sustainability. Veronique Gabai Aroma formulas are made with high-quality, potent, and efficient natural essential oils, ethically and sustainably sourced. The collection is formulated with 97% to 100% natural ingredients, and the rest being green chemistry. Our packaging is fully recyclable, refillable, and reusable. Our formulas are biodegradable. To further our commitment to sustainability, we have partnered with PUR Projet. For each bottle sold, a tree is planted.

Xavier Brochet, Innovation Director - Naturals expert Firmenich.

Good for the Community

Wellness and positivity are for everyone, so AROMA was designed to be gender neutral. We also believe that human connection and community are at the heart of well-being. The Veronique Gabai Aroma Advocate Program connects like-minded people who want to illuminate their personalities through the power of perfume therapy. Our AROMA Advocates receive inspiration, tools, and education.

Join Us!

Join our collective of aromatherapy and perfume enthusiasts! This partnership offers an opportunity for monetary rewards, personal development and wellness services, Veronique Gabai products, and international travel opportunities. But most importantly, our Advocates make a difference in our world by serving others looking for positivity, happiness, and self-love. If you’re passionate about perfume therapy, we want to know you.

Meet our partners

We work with incredibly talented people who contribute to our community in many meaningful ways. Their passion and expertise help us drive our mission of “wellbeing in every drop”. Our AROMA advocates will have access to our experts’ services as reward for their commitment and continued efforts. 

Isabelle Sognoz

A qualified aromatherapist with 17 years of experience, Isabelle brings her vast knowledge of natural essential oils to create perfumes with potent benefits. She uses essential oils, massage, Bach flowers and hypnotherapy daily to support clients in their health and wellbeing.

Joanne Heyman

Joanne Heyman is an integrative coach, bringing the most powerful personal and professional development practices to her clients in service of their desire to live and work in alignment and with joy.

Patricia Karpas

Patricia leads content for both Muse and Meditation Studio, and is the co-host and founder of the popular podcast, Untangle. She believes deeply in the power of mindfulness and related practices to help people feel more calm, grounded and resilient in both everyday situations and in life’s greatest challenges.

Agathe Lerolle

As the founder of Sur Mesure Executive Search and an experienced career coach, Agathe knows what a candidate needs to stand out and be hired by the most desirable brands. She offers her unique one-on-one coaching program to executives looking to up-level their careers, win interviews, and reconnect with their purpose.

Elodie Levasseur

A Senior Marketing Strategist, Elodie has trained as a brain-based coach to empower her clients to find clarity on their purpose, define success, and help them to create a meaningful and balanced life and business. Her coaching style is to work not only with intellect and logic but also with emotions, instinct and on a somatic level.