When I created my brand, I wanted to put in place a strong foundation of sustainability measures. As we grow, so will our efforts. We are not 100% perfect, we are not 100% sustainable. Is anyone really ? But, we will always be transparent and open about our approach to building a mindful brand.


When raw materials are exceptional, you will feel it.

You might even feel better.

Our perfume natural ingredients are of the best quality one can find. No budget limit was given to our perfumers. Quality is never compromised so you can enjoy the most beautiful sensations nature can give
• We ethically source our ingredients with respect to their communities and workers around the world.
• We can trace our perfume sourcing up to 98% of our formulas.
•We use green chemistry every time we can, and our perfume formulation is green between 75% and 89%. This is quite an achievement in our industry, so it is worth mentioning.
• Our perfume oils are biodegradable up to 90%. And we’re striving to grow that number.

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We are a small enterprise, but we choose to work with factories that put people and nature at the core of their business. Beside producing our fragrances in the cleanest environments possible, we also dedicate resources to protecting our environment.

•Our partnering factory in the South of France contributes to the protection of bees, nurturing beehives in the fields around the factory. The bees can't evolve unless the air is clean. So it gives you an idea of the efforts we make in our factories to maintain a safe environment. Without healthy, thriving bee populations, ecosystems would collapse. I usually smile when I think our factory produces the best Nature offers: scent and honey!
• Our factory also contributes to the Pure Ocean Fund, because restoring the health of our seas is essential.

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Where can we all improve? Our carbon footprint.

We can always improve, and we want to make sure we protect the nature we love so much and that is our constant source of inspiration. So we have partnered with PUR Projet, with the goal of reforesting areas of the Mediterranean region where in needs, and one specific project at a time. We are helping farmers concerned with protecting biodiversity and sustainability.

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•We will always formulate using a high concentration of natural and organic ingredients
•Our beauty formulas are all vegan, paraben-free, talc-free and free of chemical sunscreen. So they are excellent for your skin, and respectful of Nature.

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We designed beautiful objects with a purpose, with the idea that they must fit your lifestyle and stay with you for a long time. Luxury is also about being timeless. Our perfume bottles are reusable and refillable. They’re meant to give you pleasure, be part of your life and be kept for a very long time. To decorate your vanity, not end up in a landfill. Our refill options are in turn recyclable. We strive to minimize our plastic usage, and our plastic bottles are recyclable.


When you purchase from us, or give a gift from us, please know we care about all of you, about our working communities, about our environment, now and for the future we will all share. Enjoy!

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