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Perfume Therapy

AROMA is at the crossroads of perfumery and aromatherapy, an alliance of craftsmanship and neuroscience that delivers proven results on emotional wellbeing.

Smell good, feel even better.

HEART - Open Up

A citrus-rich formula, Heart brings joy and positivity. Discover the gentle healing power of a scent that battles anxiety and fatigue, brings renewed self-confidence, and helps open up to others.  A natural mood-booster, Heart is a supplement of optimism for every personality and will help connect with others.

Our Promise


Embracing essential oils healing powers. Wellbeing in every drop.

Exceptional Blends

Our unique approach brings together the craft of perfumery and the science of aromatherapy to deliver measurable benefits.


Up to a 58% increase in the level of emotional engagement in neuroscience study participants.

BODY - Recenter

Rich in rose and patchouli, Body balances emotions and help you feel your own needs. Experience the power of a scent that aligns body and mind for a renewed sense of strength and self-love. A regenerative formula, Body alleviates stress, enhances sensuality and even acts as a light aphrodisiac. It helps reconnect with one’s own body.

Our Difference


Over 97% natural and over 99% biodegradable, our formulas are safe and clean for all.


Our essential oils are 100% ethically and sustainably sourced. All our formulas are Vegan.


Our formulas are natural, clean and biodegradable. Our packaging is reusable and recyclable.

SOUL - Elevate

A wood and lavender-rich formula, Soul is a tranquil and soothing aroma. Uncover the appeasing properties of a scent that re-aligns energies, brings harmony and peace of mind, and cleanses mental horizons. A spiritual boost, Soul calms nervous tension to open the mind up to new, elevated experiences. It helps connect with the greater force of the universe.

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Follow our guided meditations to experience the full benefits of Aroma.


Established with our doctor in aromatherapy, the 6-question diagnostic should be taken at least every season, as you change with them.