Veronique Gabai. A life in a name.
French of course, with a passionate attachment to the culture, the refinement, the sense of aesthetics and the pure beauty of France.
Born in the Cote d’Azur, in Antibes.
Mediterranean by heart, by birth, by origins...
My influences
My amazing parents shaped my values.

My mother was driven by the intense desire of freedom and personal independence, finding in French philosophy a reason to overcome the usual fate of young women in the sixties... a motivation to study, work and defy conventions.

A French woman by choice, in love with the culture, the art, the design and the fashion of french creators. The most elegant woman of her time, of her town... A character and a figure, who taught and helped so many… She gave me my drive and a taste for beauty.

My adventurous father visited France as a young man and found the place, Antibes-Juan les Pins, a ravishing little town for his family to settle down away from the turmoil of a Tunis fighting for its independence.
A free-spirit, a bon-vivant, a seductive man, and a family man, strong and sensitive. The first to cheer and the first to secure. He gave me his zest for life and his contagious optimism.
My Childhood in the Côte d’Azur
Childhood memories of sunshine in the stunning Cote d’Azur. Antibes, Juan les Pins, Grasse, Cannes, St Tropez and the vibrant mediterranean forests off the coast, in the “Arrière Pays”, from St Paul de Vence to St Paul en Foret…

A childhood being nurtured, infused with the beauty of the place, the caress of the sun, the soothing strength of the sea.

In hard times, hours spent looking at the waves to regain confidence.

In good times, playful hours spent in laughter by the beach...

Hours where without knowing, the senses were teased and educated… The taste of fabulous simple foods, the vivid colors changing by the minute under the sun and its moods, the sounds of the waves, the wind, and the music played in the streets all summer long...

And of course, is there a word for the scents?

From the orange blossoms in our garden, the jasmine sold by the Moroccans at night, the roses and the violets, the pine trees under which one would rub fingers with black resin, cracking open pine nut shells for an afternoon treat...

A childhood with my wonderful sisters, in a secure and solid family, but also in a cosmopolitan and diverse environment where the summers were spent trying to understand all the languages spoken in the streets filled with tourists from all around the world…

Extravagant figures of society, astonishing artists, and real people were mingling day in and day out as if this was the most natural way of life… I never thought this was the exception… And the music played live by the shore, the golden voices of American jazz singers were telling the torment of the soul...and calling me up for travels abroad.
Many travels...
I wanted to discover the world and its people, other cultures, other forms of art, other expressions of creativity… And I spent many years doing just that…

Then, New York adopted me, gave me joy, my husband, my son, many friends and a career which allowed me to live my passion… touching people with brands, creating memories with scents. I put my heart and my art at the service of magnificent brands, larger than life brand founders, and remarkable companies.
Many of my professional acquaintances became friends, and I have for them an enormous amount of respect, admiration, and affection.
My Brand
But there was in my heart a calling, stronger than anything else, to express my own vision, my own values, my own lifestyle, one that would be inspired by France and the Côte d'Azur, energized by the urban life of New York, anchored in Nature, Culture, Glamour….

My brand is rooted in values born in the Mediterranean, hedonism and humanism.
And with Nature at its core, it is inspired by its beauty,
Harnesses the power of its plants and will always protects its future.
There was a desire
To bring people closer together in a peaceful and festive atmosphere,
To give men and women inner confidence and a joyful smile with extraordinary products, crafted with talent and care. To add generosity to luxury, to add pleasure and magic to the experience, to add beauty to every day life.
The kind of beauty that enchants the senses, and lifts up the soul.
Sunshine for the Senses and for the Soul.
This is the promise of my brand.
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There is a place in the world and my heart, where I was born.
A place of discovery, wonder and grace.
A place made of hedonism and humanism.
A place where the sun is like gold.