Travel-Inspired Perfumes - Spritz for an instant vacation.

Everyone is familiar with the notion of armchair travel—especially after the last few years. But what about medicine cabinet travel? Or bedside table travel? Or top-of-your-chest-of-drawers travel? Scent has a powerful ability to move you through time and space: the sweet smell of Gardenia might be pure Carolina summer of 1998; a whiff of honeysuckle could take you straight to springtime in Venice. We noticed a lot of perfumers bottling that particular vacation feeling. Below, find 31 of their most evocative scents.


Veronique Gabai Souvenirs de Tunisie

For a tour of archaeological ruins in Carthage: Bergamot and fresh orange blossom meld elegantly with honeycomb, vanilla, and candied almond in this sophisticated fragrance that brings to mind visions of ancient theaters and baths overlooking the sweeping Gulf of Tunis.