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Veronique Gabai x Ala Von Auersperg
Ala von Auersperg and Veronique Gabai are thrilled to come together to bring you Veronique's Mediterranean inspired scents and perfume-centered jewelry in a limited edition pouchette in AvA's classic Blue Coral print. This duchess satin blend pouch is smooth to the touch and features a gold twist cord. It's the perfect travel duster for fragrances, jewelry, or it even works as your evening wristlet. With notes of cedarwood, orange blossom, magnolia, and jasmine be prepared to be transported to the seashore. Tranquility at your fingertips all offered in travel friendly sizes with style forward jewelry to help you incorporate your signature scent into your day to day. Finally, fragrances that travel just as well as you do.

The Ala von Auersperg collection is an artful curation of timeless silhouettes designed for the modern woman. Inspired by the founder's own art on canvas, each piece is a living artwork, characterized by vibrant colors and delicate brushstrokes on fluid fabrics, including silk, cotton, mesh and Italian stretch knit jersey. Ala von Auersperg offers everyday essentials, cocktail-ready styles, and travel-friendly silhouettes that embrace and flatter all women.
Founded in 2017, AvA has evolved into a lifestyle brand with a boutique in Palm Beach and a showroom in New York City. Guided by Ala's daughter, Sunny, the brand's philosophy envisions Ala von Auersperg as a legacy to be shared and cherished across generations. Crafted from the finest materials, the AvA collection effortlessly embodies glamour, evoking sun-drenched escapes and luxurious retreats.