Veronique Gabai x Grimanesa Amoros

In the spirit of light, hope and optimism, like an Oasis, Desert Rose instills a feeling that life can lead to beauty and that with generosity and joy, anything is possible. This rose was born from the desert like an oasis: pure, dewy, and almost mineral. Fluid in nature, it embraces the spicy warmth of woods for a sensual dance in the sand. Its essence is intertwined with sacred frankincense, lending the perfume its mythical depth, and infused with aromatic coffee to awaken desires, and alluring musk to activate the senses. Celebrating the union of two diverse landscapes, L'OASIS-DESERT ROSE invites you to experience the essence of the Mediterranean along the French Riviera, interwoven with the mysteries of the oasis of Huacachina in Peru.


The collaboration between Veronique and Grimanesa originated in their shared passion for light and fragrance. Grimanesa became fascinated by a scent encountered during her travels to desert lands. Veronique's expertise as a perfumer allowed her to dissect and recognize the components that had enchanted Grimanesa. Their partnership created L'OASIS-DESERT ROSE, a perfume inspired by Veronique's profound connection to the Mediterranean Sea and Grimanesa's admiration for deserts.

Limited Edition
Oasis-Desert Rose

This aromatic journey captures the golden dunes of Huacachina, resulting in a sensory exploration that transcends geographical boundaries. This unique composition pays homage to the allure of Huacachina's vast dunes and the freshness of the Mediterranean waves, creating a fragrance that mirrors the meeting of the coastal elegance of the French Riviera with the enchanting landscapes of Peru. An exceptional, rare and unique limited edition: only 75 bottles were created, to be cherished and be part of a spectacular collection, only for the perfume connoisseur.


Describing her work as a, “constant romance with the unknown."Amorós first incorporated light into her practice following a fated trip to Iceland. While there, she saw the northern lights and realized the powerful
ephemeral magic light held. She discusses light’s ability to transcend social and geographic boundaries “we all connect to light.”