Natural, fun seeking, spontaneous, optimistic, caring

Stylish, refined, balanced, driven, strong, ambitious

Sensual, mysterious, attractive, romantic, warm

You go for it!! You seem to be a nature lover, fun seeking personality. You like to be casual in your everyday life and prefer friendly environments where you can be yourself. You are most of the time spontaneous, caring towards others. For you the glass is usually half full. You love life, and you show it.
Wow... You have in you what it takes to be the stylist of your own life. Sophisticated, you appreciate beauty, elegance, refined ways of living. It does not mean you are not appreciating nature, you do, but who says nature has to come with a back pack? You are very strong with a balanced inner core. You know who you are, what you like, and you are driven enough to get what you want.
Watch out, world…You are incredibly attractive, you like to charm and you definitely know how. You mesmerize with your looks, your words, your warmth. You are extremely sensual, with a desire to experience life to the fullest, with all your senses. You can be very romantic, and delightfully caring. But there is always a part of you that stays mysterious. You do not give it all away, at least not right away.
There is also a nature loving part of your personality….which will always ground you into the real simple pleasures of life. Good for you!
Additionally, you have a real appreciation for culture and a sense of aesthetics to match. Our hat to you!
And also, did we mention you can be an incredible charmer? Ahhhh what a sparkle in these eyes of yours!