Moisturizing Body Cream



“La Crème” is a magnificent lotion, fast applied, fast absorbed, incredibly moisturizing with hydrating properties lasting up to 8 hours…to give you a day long or a night long skin glow and sensation of comfort. Highly concentrated in fragrance and enriched with rose water, it is another way to scent your skin. It exists perfumed in Eau du Jour or in Eau de la Nuit… Pick your own, drench your skin in moisture; wear any signature fragrance on top of it… The layering always works!


Customer Reviews

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I love the Nuit version of Veronique Gabai body creme. My husband gave it to me as a gift in January. This is my second reorder because I love it so much!

Love it, everything you can expect from a body cream

Got myself the body cream and was not disappointed! First, the smell is unique and you can tell Veronique Gabai is an expert in the perfume industry, not too strong but perfectly balanced. I also want to point out the texture, I love the fact that it is light and it hydrates my dry skin very well, especially for a harsh winter, without being too greasy. Also, the packaging is unique. Its beautiful blue color that reminds of the sea illuminates my bathroom. Would absolutely order some more!

Lovely packaging but scent is not as luxurious as I had hoped for.

In reading reviews and the description I had thought to be blown away by a lux fragrance, something I would want to always wear, but I was not. While the scent is nice and the packaging is lovely I am disappointed. I immediately recognized the fragrance from somewhere and finally it hit me where. This is almost exactly the same scent as one you can find in a popular store, in most malls, selling lingerie and matching teen sweat suits with words written across their bottoms. So I like the texture and I even like the scent but it just is not anything I cannot find at a much lower price point locally.


Smells divine

Moisturizing for day long

Deep hydration for all day. And it smells so good. I love it!