THE DISCOVERY SET - The Enchanting Garden
THE DISCOVERY SET - The Enchanting Garden
THE DISCOVERY SET - The Enchanting Garden

THE DISCOVERY SET - The Enchanting Garden

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Sample 6 of our best-selling fragrances in the comfort of your home with our Discovery Set of 1.5ml sprays. Included in each set are Mimosa in the Air, Vert Desir, Noire de Mai, Jasmin de Minuit, Souvenirs D'Tunisie and Eau de la Nuit which can be layered onto the other scents to create your true signature. Wear them, mix them and let us know what you love!

When you order a Discovery Set you automatically receive a coupon code to enjoy $39 off the purchase of a full-size product (85ml bottle or Travel Case).

Customer Reviews

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Maryam Kazerooni
They smell divine but mostly don't last

They all smell divine but unfortunately, my favorites (Jasmin de Minuit and Lumière d'Iris) don't last more than 15 minutes on my skin or my clothes.

Dear Maryam, thank you so much for your review. We are sorry you seem disappointed by these two perfumes not lasting long enough on your skin. We made the choice of crafting perfumes with natural ingredients. As opposed to synthetic ingredients, which always smell the same and are engineered in labs to last long on skin, natural ingredients behave uniquely to each skin they are applied to. We believe they are better for your well-being, and they give out a signature that is unique to each wearer. However, in rare cases, they do not last as long as intended on some skins. Jasmin de Minuit and Lumière d'Iris are light, floral fragrances to begin with. May we suggest to try some of our more intense fragrances such as Noire de Mai, Souvenirs de Tunisie, or Oud Elixir?

Wanda Hall

The Fragrance Discovery Set - A French Weekend

Angela Lyon

The Fragrance Discovery Set - For Her

Greta Giordano
My favorite brand

Each of Veronique’ fragrances are so beautiful and unique. I am in love with the collection

Caroline Dale
Incredible scents

These are truly incredible, beautiful, delicate scents. I’m obsessed with all of them but specifically eau du jour mixed with vert desir. Chefs kiss amazing