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LE POINT G - Sample 1.5 ml


Point G - Musk, seductive and comforting. G Spot. A climactic perfume. The kiss of rose, the caress of white musks, the soft bite of leather, the intense passion of vanilla, woods and amber….a vertigo for the senses. This perfume is built like a vibration, a pulse, a crescendo. It grows on skin and adds a new facet to the previous one as you keep going back to your skin, until it reaches its full completion in an exhale of pure pleasure. Enjoy.

The signature perfumes are inspired by the Côte d’Azur, and the beauty of the raw materials harvested in its center, Grasse. They all have a strong olfactive signature, while remaining breezy and infused with light. They bloom on skin, long lasting and memorable. They’re all part luminosity, part mystery.

Our bottles have been conceived as beautiful objects and are meant to kept a long time. Therefore both our 85ml bottle and our 10ml travel bottle are refillable. Check our recyclable 125ml refill bottle!

Le Point G

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Customer Reviews

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I love the scent it’s amazing

A Truly Beautiful Fragrance

Veronique has created a truly magnificent fragrance. I have waited a long time to replace a fragrance I found in Paris over 10 years ago. xx


Yes I received the first order, but there was a second order that I never received. I was told that the company was out of the product and would be filled with an up size and shipped that following weekend.

Le Point G( for gasoline)

Sorry, I love your line of perfumes, but this scent is the furthest thing from sexy…all I can smell is gasoline. Not a turn on at all!


The smell of leather is quite strong when I first apply the perfume and is a bit stronger than I like but then it settles some and the scent is beautiful.