VERT DÉSIR - Sample 1.5 ml
VERT DÉSIR - Sample 1.5 ml
VERT DÉSIR - Sample 1.5 ml

Eau De Perfum Green & Woody

VERT DÉSIR - Sample 1.5 ml

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Lemon, Mint, Absinth, and Cedarwood.

Fresh leaves softly crushed between your fingers… A fragrant breeze. A splash of clean, fresh water infused with herb, mint, absinth, with a contrast to dark and sexy woods… An awakening of the senses. A jolt of desire, a yearning for nature.

The perfect size to try any scent, the 1.5ml sample is a mini spray for ease of use. It comes in a card containing all the info you need about the fragrance. Enjoy!

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Customer Reviews

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Susan Sawyer
Vert Desir December 2021 Review

I am not a perfume wearer, due to an unreliabile ability to tolerate fragrance, and working outside for years and not wanting to attact bees and wasps. Some days are ok, other days I can get really sick from the smell. Having said that, I found the fragrance VERT DESIR different from what I usually pick, but I enjoyed it. I liked the beginning, middle and ending notes of the fragrance. It does not last long on me (reason for 4 star rating), but that is ok. On the occasions I will wear it, I will reapply as needed.

An issue I do have is that the fragrance description does not mean anything to me; I am at a blank as to what is being described, except for a few ingredients. This is true for your website and others. I have no suggestions on how to make the fragrance description clearer, because half of a fragrance mystic is in the imagination of the wearer.

Alyssa Wicknick

VERT DESIR - Sample 1.5 ml


VERT DESIR - Sample 1.5 ml

Dan Rabu

Very pleasant smell.


I just bought rose de mai and jasmine by Veronique Gabai and then ordered sample of very desir
It sees that every fragrance is beautiful and worth wearing.