LE POINT G - Sample 1.5 ml
LE POINT G - Sample 1.5 ml
LE POINT G - Sample 1.5 ml
LE POINT G - Sample 1.5 ml

Eau De Parfum Musky Floral Woody

LE POINT G - Sample 1.5 ml

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Pink Pepper, Rose, Iris, Vanilla, White Musks, Leather, Cedar Wood.

G Spot. A climactic perfume. The kiss of rose, the caress of white musks, the soft bite of leather, the intense passion of vanilla, woods and amber….a vertigo for the senses. This perfume is built like a vibration, a pulse, a crescendo. It grows on skin and adds a new facet to the previous one as you keep going back to your skin, until it reaches its full completion in an exhale of pure pleasure.

The perfect size to try any scent, the 1.5ml sample is a mini spray for ease of use. It comes in a card containing all the info you need about the fragrance. Enjoy!

If you are looking for your signature fragrance, our Discovery Sets combine 6 x 1.5ml samples. You may also be interested in taking our Personality Test to receive a personalized suggestion of 4 scents that will fit you perfectly!

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
veronique gabai

Love Love the sensual rendition on skin.

Donna Rachel
Sexy Garrigue is my new favorite

Over a month ago I ordered 3 samples. I had great expectations because I’ve worked for Ms. Gabai in the past and she always impressed me with her taste and enthusiasm for all things beauty. Sexy Garrigue has all the components I love: Labdanum, patchouli, amber; and yet, I didn’t care for it at first. Kept trying it, and although I can’t pick out any individual notes, I have grown to love it. Perfect blend with more staying power than most modern fragrances. Bravo, Vero!

Lisa Hoskins
Le Point G

Smells great but doesn’t last very long

Samantha Latchana

I’m very particular when it comes to scents and I think this will be my new signature fragrance. The rose and musk creates a very unique, sensual and lingering and long lasting scent without being too overpowering. I’m in love with this fragrance!!!

Amazing! My fiancé loved it!

I wore it first day. My wife to be stopped by to say what's up after work and she couldn't help but to ask what are you wearing? It's a smooth scent. I'm a 27 year old man and it has a smooth mature but laid back vibe it lingers for hours even strong enough to smell the next morning!! I would love the full bottle but ah pockets say otherwise haha but I loved the fragrance and its performance was amazing! Veronica you did your thing! I saw this was recommended for a good male date night fragrance on a "Joel the nose" review on YouTube. Its a lovely fragrance I honestly like it as much as dior homme intense they are in a whole different caliber. Thanks again hopefully someday I can do a review as I have quite a few fragrances and people at work always ask me what I'm wearing or even in stores at random women stop me and want to recommend for their husband's. I feel this fragrance is a cuddle king haha one lady pressed her nose into my arm to smell it lol but not to give you a text book long review... I simply sincerely say thank you for your dope fragrance. -Yanni